What is the Roman Art?

What you probably know about the Romans is related to gladiators and fights in the coliseum, but the impact of this Empire has already an impact in our lives. Through art most of it.

The Roman Empire was founded in the I year b. C. and it had three different periods:

  • Monarchy

  • Republic

  • Empire

A bit of history:

In this video you will learn about the history of the Roman Empire and the influence in conquered lands like Hispania (Spain and Portugal nowadays)

Great artists in the Ancient Rome!

Have a look at all the sculptures, architectures, etc. they made!

Discover the legend of Romulus, Remus and the wolf, the political structure, the society,

A day in the life of a Roman soldier! Their armour was so heavy!


360º Pictures

Click in the names to open the links

Talking about architecture, some of the best Roman inventions were:

The Romans used brick, marble and stone to compose many of the buildings.


Religion and gods were present in the daily life of the Romans.

The Romans took some of the Greek gods you already know, and changed their names!

Have a look at the video!

Do you want to know more about Rome History and Mythology?

In class


  1. Roman Gods: After watching the video above, see the presentation "Roman Gods" and discover what are you supposed to do.

  2. Roman Engineering: Build a Roman architecture.

  3. Roman Numerals: Design a clock with the Roman numerals.

  4. Colosseum drawing: Follow the video to draw and color the Colosseum.

Roman Gods
Roman Engineering

Google Expeditions (Virtual 360º Tour)

The World of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

Masterpieces of Ancient Roman Art to 100 C.E.

Masterpieces of Ancient Roman Art after 100 C.E.

7 New Wonders of the World (The Colosseum of Rome)

Voluntary Work

If you consider yourself an artist and you love paper architecture here you have an awesome Greek mock ups.

You aren't supposed to build them during the classes. Just at home or during your breaks (playground)

If you finish one of them:

  • You will receive a special certificate

  • We will exhibit your mock up in the hall of the school

  • We will take a photo of you and your mock up and it will be uploaded to Mirasur's Facebook page and to the MirArt webpage.

Who knows! Maybe you can start becoming famous as a paper artist!