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Lucas turns ordinary objects and scenes into intriguing images that sometimes take shape as illustration, sculptures, installations, paintings or video-art.

Sol seeks to translate art into something immediately catchy, making a connection between known and new to create emotions is her goal.

Vincent sees things in shadows and everyday objects. A great mix of light, shadows and drawings.

Okuda is a visual artist. He makes sculptures and paintings for public spaces.

Donna is a mixed media artist from Los Angeles and specializes in combining reality and imagination through the interaction of photography and digital illustrations.

Francois mixes reality and animation through photography by taking photos of images his mobile and the surroundings.

Thomas is an illustrator and photographer artist. He finds sky frames to draw on them!

A couple of artists and story tellers that create paper cut sceneries with multiple layers lights to build intricate dioramas.


Banksy is one on the most famous graffiti artists in the world. His artworks are always a social critic to our society.

Most of the times he uses the stencil technique to paint with spray on it.


Stik is a graffiti artist that paints simple stick figures wordlessly tell the story of his community and he frequently collaborates with hospitals, charities and homeless organisations.

Mari Roldan

Mari Roldan is having fun reproducing famous paintings on banknotes, a nice series that brings a touch of poetry in the very cartesian world of money. From Vincent Van Gogh to Pablo Picasso via Magritte, Hokusai or Botticelli

Kerby Rosanes

Kerby Rosanes is an illustror that works mainly with ink, fineliners and markers to illustrate his “doodle” world.

His geometric animals are a great topic to bring to the classroom.

Christa Rijneveld

Christa is a pointillism and line artist borned in Nertherlands. At the age of eighteen she applied to art school, and didn't get in. Years later she decided to move to a small village in Canada and started making her amazing art works.

Michael Moccia

Michael is a young artist that started making amazing drawings imitating some of the most famous artworks in tickets.


ExitEnter enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and then devoted himself completely to street art. In 2013 he created his central character, "the little man"

Salt Water Dream Time

Zachary Bennett-Brook is his real name he is an indigenous artist from Australia. He strives to create artworks that are of the highest quality, representing his passion for surfing in conjunction with his Indigenous background.

Diego Cusano

Diego Cusano, eclectic artist of international fame, transformed his passions into a new profession, the Fantasy Researcher.

Darel Carey

Darel Carey is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. He plays with optical and spatial perception using tape lines to shape and bend the perceived dimensions of a surface or a space.

Mr Doodle

Mr Doodle is an artist from England.

His work consumes walls, furniture and many surfaces, almost like a virus and is often described as 'Graffiti Spaghetti'.

Anna Lvova

Anna is an Ukranian painter. She is very creative! look for her flower compositions and for her drawn Starbucks cups!


CHZZ is mural artist somewhere from Space. He isn't very sure about who he is, so he is thinking about it.


EFIX is a street artist, graphist and musician.

Antonio Ballan

Antonio Ballan is a graphic designer that looks for live on buildings photos

Massimo Fenati

Illustrator and part-time baker.

David Zinn

Street artist specializing in small-scale, improvised and (mostly) light-hearted chalk art.

Jazmina Daniel

Jazmina Daniel is an Australian make-up artist famous for the artworks she draw on her lips.

Edgar Artis

Edgar is an Armenian fashion artist.

He designs amazing dresses playing with different textures and background.

Rumeysa Osmanlioglu Dag

Rumeysa is an artist that makes really nice art works, most of them related to Disney animation.

Things Alive

Joe is the illustrator behind Thing Alive. He transforms ordinary objects into animated cartoons. Mixing photos and drawings.

Feliks Kaparchuk

Feliks is a great example to show how to create amazing artworks on a wide variety of materials like T-Shirts, vinyl record, woodboards, etc.

Art McArov

This artist calls himself Mr Imagination. He creates funny compositions mixing drawings and ordinary objects.

Camilla Løschbrandt

Camila is a mandala, zentangle, doodle and bujo designer.

Tatsuya Tanaka

Tatsuya is a Japanese artists focused on the creation of miniature worlds with tiny statues of people and ordinary objects.


Vexx aka Vince Okerman is a 17 years old Belgian artist/illustrator. His style is a combination of doodles and realistic artwork, all made by hand.

The Flippist Custom Cartoons

Ben Zurawski is the artist behind The Flippist. He creates hand-drawn flip books for engagements, sports highlight, birthdays and memorials.


Marty Cooper, a Director, storyboard artist and animator from San Francisco, California. He records funny videos mixing drawings and the environment.

Sean Charmatz

Sean Charmatz is featured as artist and speaker at this years Pictoplasma Berlin. He has worked in the animation industry since 2005.


Differantly is a French creative duo working between Paris and Berlin. The artists’ practice ranges from art direction to one line illustration, product design, wall art and installation.

Victor Nunes Faces

Artist Victor Nunes combines every-day objects with simple illustrations to turn them into pictures of faces, animals and other playful scenes. His images invite us to look at the world differently and find creative images in our surroundings.


London-based photographer Rich McCor, or paperboyo (previously) travels across the globe giving creative updates to buildings, bridges, and signs through the use of simple paper cutouts. By placing a black design in the foreground of his image.