What is Prehistory?

Prehistoric means the time before recorded history.

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, but humans have only walked on the planet for 190,000 years.

Prehistory is the period between the use of the first stone tools by humans and the invention of writing systems. As you may think, dinosaurs didn't exist during this time, so The Flintstones (Los Picapiedra in Spanish) gave us a wrong idea of prehistory.



Watch the following video to learn how did people live during Prehistory and the three periods in which it's divided

Open this 360º video in the YouTube app to discover how was the art during this time. Put it in fullscreen and get ready to rotate!

Cave Paintings Tales

Hunting Mammoths

Copia de Mammoth Hunting

Prehistoric Vocabulary Game

Copia de Prehistoric Vocabulary

Put the presentation in full screen and read the instructons carefully

In class


  1. Cave Painting Art Lesson: Using a brown paper, draw a cave painting and crumple it to give it a realistic rock texture.

  2. Rock Painting: Bring your own stones and draw scenes from Prehistory on them.

  3. Painting Upside Down: A funny activity to draw facing up under the table.

  4. Living in a Cave: Make your own cave from a shoes box!

  5. Prehistoric School: Think bigger and make a real cave in the corridor of your school.

  6. The mistery of Stonehenge: Watch the presentation and follow the video to draw Stonehenge with a beautiful sunset from a summer or winter solstice

  7. Recycled Stonehenge Craft: A group project to create mini-Stonehenges.

  8. The Mommoth Hunt!: Work with wool to fill your mammoth and a hunter!

Copia de Cave Painting Art Lesson
Copia de Rock Painting
Copia de Painting upside down
Copia de Prehistoric School
Copia de Living in a Cave
Copia de The Mistery of Stonehenge
Copia de Recycled Stonehenge Craft
Copia de The Mammoth Hunt

Google Expeditions (Virtual 360º Tour)

Prehistoric Cultures