What do we know about Japan?

An amazing country full of constrasts, beautiful landscapes and a great culture.

Learn about the history of Japan by watching this video.

The Great Wave off Hokusai

Learn about this great artwork from the Japanese artist Hokusai.

It's known as The Great Wave, but the real name is Under the wave off Kanagawa!

Have a look at the videos that are in this presentation and get ready to create your own wave!

The Great Wave of Hokusai

Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossom Trees

Every year a great spectacle takes place in lots of parks around Japan where Cherry Trees blossom transforming the landscape with their pink-white flowers.

Lots of tourists come to enjoy and photograph this show.

Also, lots of artists get inspired by bringing this beauty to their art.


The pagoda is the common multi-level building in several Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and Korea. Most of the pagodas were built for religious purposes, mainly as part of Buddhism.

Japanese Pagoda

Maneki Neko - The Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is for sure one of the most famous cats in the world.

Have a look at the presentation and discover what is his function, the meaning of his name and where can you find it!

It's The Lucky Cat!


Manga and Anime, two of the most important cartoon and comic phenomena in the last times.

Most people don't really know what they are and which are their differences.

Have a look at this presentation to discover more about this amazing world!

Manga & Anime



Discover the cutest illustration and how this artistic movement popped up in the last 10 years!

In Class


  1. Plastic Concerning Wave: Some artists try to concern society about this topic, can you do it too?

  2. Cherry Blossom: Create a beautiful artwork about these amazing trees.

  3. Drawing Pagoda: Admire how nice and perfect are these buildings by drawing one of them.

  4. The Lucky Cat: Choose you little tribute to this famous lucky cat.

  5. Drawing Manga: First time drawing manga? No worries, follow the presentation step by step.

  6. Create your own Kawaii: Digital or paper based, choose the way you want to create your illustration.

Plastic Concerning Wave
Drawing Pagoda
Drawing Manga
Cherry Blossom
Copia de The Lucky Cat
Create your own Kawaii

Google Expeditions (Virtual 360º Tour)

Mont Fuji

Byodo-In Temple

Voluntary work

If you consider yourself as an artist and you love paper architecture here you have two awesome neoclassic mockups.

You don't have to build them during class time. Just at home or during your breaks (playground)

If you finish one of them:

  • You will receive a special certificate

  • We will exhibit your mockup in the hall of the school

  • We will take a photo of you and your mockup and it will be uploaded to Mirasur's Facebook page and to the MirArt webpage.

Who knows! Maybe you become a famous paper artist one day!