What is the African Art?

African art includes the modern and historical paintings, sculptures, installations, and other visual culture from native or indigenous Africans. Some of the most important productions are the masks, sculptures, architecture, textile art and dance.


Africa is the richest continent in the world. But not talking about money, talking about natural resources and biodiversity (Animals, plants, etc.). The problem is that there are a few very rich people who do business with large companies from other continents and do not share the benefits with the rest of the African population living poor.



Thousands of animals and plants live in the jungles or rain forests, savannahs, deserts, lakes and seas of this beautiful continent, however, many of them are threatened by furtive hunters and woodcutters.


As you can see, there are huge differences between tribes and people living in towns or villages.


The richness and diversity of Africa ranges from poverty and natural beauty of the rural Africa, to the developed cities full of art, culture and commerce.

Cape Town is a great example.

In class


  1. African Endangered Animals: African animals are endangered lets make a campaign to concern society about it.

  2. Africa's Sunsets: One of the most beautiful things in Africa is the sunset in the savannah. Color it!

  3. Women's Work in Africa: For many centuries women in Africa had a limited role in society

  4. Tribes' Masks: Even today, some tribes still conserve their traditions, one of them is the mask making.

  5. Colours of Africa: Draw and colour an African mask with cold or warm colours!

  6. Rollin' Wild: Get crazy with this funny activity!

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